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Machine Learning predicts truck accidents via ELD data
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Machine Learning breakthrough predicts truck accidents and fatigue from ELD data, improving fleet safety records

Recent advances in Machine Learning are enabling trucking fleets to predict each driver’s probability of getting in a fatigue-related accident on any upcoming shift—before the driver gets behind the wheel.
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Predicting fatigue with machine learning

Enjoy this great article about supporting safety with technology featuring Readi FMIS published by Paul Adair, WDC Staff Writer for Women Driving Change magazine.
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Newcrest’s Lihir mine deploys Readi site-wide for predictive fatigue management

Fatigue Science is proud to announce that Newcrest Mining Limited has deployed its Readi predictive fatigue management technology site-wide at its Lihir mine site in Papua New Guinea.
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Fatigue Science Wins Green Cross Safety Innovation Award

The National Safety Council announced Fatigue Science wins its prestigious Green Cross Award for Safety Innovation.
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Glencore Lomas Bayas implements Readi FMIS

Glencore's Compañía Minera Lomas Bayas (CMLB), a major producer of low-grade oxide copper ore, announced the implementation of Readi FMIS for predictive fatigue management throughout its site located in the Antofagasta Region.
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Fatigue Science launches Machine Learning engine providing world’s first workforce fatigue predictions without wearables

Fatigue Science is pleased to announce the commercial launch of a breakthrough technology advance in its fatigue management platform. For the first time ever, customers can now obtain validated, personalized fatigue predictions for operators in their workforce, without requiring the use of wearables.
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Supervisor App Upgrade: Offline Mode and Hotspots View for shift supervisors

Fatigue Science announces Offline Mode and Hotspots View for shift supervisors, enabling proactive fatigue intervention in underground and remote environments.
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Mine sites achieve $6M benefit using predictive fatigue tech

Discover how 2 mines each achieved a $6M annual benefit in productivity and safety improvements using Readi FMIS. 
US Navy uses Readi sleep tech
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U.S. Navy partners with Fatigue Science to prevent sailor fatigue

The US Navy announced a major effort to use data-driven technology to address the problem of sailor fatigue. Using the Readi platform from Fatigue Science to generate sleep and fatigue analytics, the Navy is now able to relate the readiness of individual sailors to the cumulative risk of the fleet.
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Safety sensitive shift work industries waking up to the risks of fatigue exposure

This conversation is growing across many industries, from leaders in mining to transportation to critical infrastructure. In fact, a recent article published from CNN by Gregory Wallace — Fatigue is starting to put safety at risk, pilots say — has raised this mission-critical issue as well.
Imagen de ReadiWatch y un minero con los pulgares hacia arriba
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Fatigue Science lanza ReadiWatch, el primer dispositivo vestible industrial diseñado especialmente para proporcionar alertas predictivas y en tiempo real sobre la fatiga sin utilizar un teléfono inteligente

Fatigue Science, the global leader in predictive fatigue analytics and information systems for heavy industry and military, is pleased to announce the release of ReadiWatch, a purpose-built smartwatch delivering predictive fatigue awareness and both real-time and predictive Fatigue Alerts to operators and the enterprise in safety-sensitive industrial environments.
Capturas de pantalla de Instant Insights
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Fatigue Science anuncia la presentación de Instant Insights, una herramienta automática que identifica áreas problemáticas en el cronograma de trabajo

Fatigue Science, el proveedor global líder de sistemas de información y análisis predictivo sobre la fatiga para las industrias pesadas y el ejército, se complace en anunciar el lanzamiento de Instant Insights, una herramienta de modelado automático de parámetros de fatiga y un componente adicional de Readi, su Sistema de información de manejo de la fatiga (Fatigue Management Information System, FMIS).
Supervisor usando ReadiSupervise Mobile
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Fatigue Science anuncia la presentación de ReadiSupervise Mobile, una aplicación que permite a los supervisores monitorear la fatiga del personal en servicio

Fatigue Science, el proveedor global líder de sistemas de información de manejo de la fatiga y análisis predictivo sobre fatiga y rendimiento para las industrias pesadas, el ejército y equipos deportivos de elite, se complace en anunciar el lanzamiento de ReadiSupervise Mobile. Esta nueva funcionalidad ayudará a los supervisores de turnos a manejar de manera más efectiva el riesgo de fatiga, mejorar la seguridad de los operadores y aumentar el rendimiento del operador en las operaciones diarias.